The west facing wrap-around verandah gives the public living areas and the private suites and bunk rooms access to covered outdoor rooms, the barbeque island, pool and lake and the passive solar protection a house with this expanse of glass needs.

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Photo Tucker Residence on Daylight

Mark Canada on Hiring an Architect

Bidding Phase

Good builders appreciate an architect's involvement in the Bidding and Negotiation Phase. The architect's role is to assist the owner in pre-qualifying builders, selecting a bid team, clarifying the construction documents and issuing addendum during the Bid Phase. He assists in negotiation and in the owners' selection of a general contractor. The architect serves as the owner's agent and prepares the construction contract between the owner and the general contractor. In most cases, with a thorough set of construction documents, bidding and negotiation will lead to the lowest price for building a new house, addition or remodel. [+]

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Client's Education

For an architect educating the client at the onset results in a more rewarding experience.It is important to remember that for many residential clients, it often will be their first and only time.

The architect's responsibility goes beyond the design, the blueprints and specifications. He must review bids and hire other professionals, such as general construction, heating/air conditioning, structural engineering, electrical layout, landscapers and others.