Natural daylighting and its reflections become theater to observe while living in this space.

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Interior Wrth Residence

Mark Canada on Hiring an Architect

Construction Phase

During the Construction Phase, the architect is the owner's representative to approve the contractor's payment requests, review shop drawings, administer the owner/contractor agreement and help assure the house or remodel is built according to the construction documents. There will literally be hundreds of opportunities for the architect to further instill quality and save the owner money (or help him from spending unnecessarily for changes.) Again in this phase, good builders appreciate an architect's involvement and an owner can reap huge benefits from this relationship.

We're convinced more owners would hire their architects to provide complete architectural and engineering services if they were educated that by doing so they would save money and create value. In other words, architects are good business. It is simply human nature to want something for free and the entire built environment would profit from their increased involvement.

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Why an Architect?

"Even where building codes do exist, many local governments have lax enforcement. Home buyers can’t assume that officials have protected them by performing the required inspections. Building-department officials say they are understaffed and underfunded, and can’t keep up with permitting and code enforcement in areas where hundreds of new homes are being erected at a time."

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