Mark Canada on Hiring an Architect

Design Phase

In the Design Phase, an architect adds value to the project by instilling creativity. Lets be honest; a house that responds to the micro-environment of a lot, takes advantage of its natural characteristics, incorporates passive solar energy design techniques and is an example of a unique design solution is a rarity, (see article: "What are Passive Solar Energy design Techniques?"). Couple this design with quality construction at a competitive price and you have created uncommon value. Should you ever sell the house, this value will translate to a quicker sale and a higher price. Good architecture sells because it is so rare. [+]

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About Design

"Designing and building a new residence, addition or remodel offers you a unique opportunity. A design that conserves energy ultimately translates to a faster and higher resale value. Incorporation of passive solar energy design techniques saves money during the life cycle of the building and creates value for the owner. Isn't it a wonder more homeowners and builders don't insist upon their use?"

Mark Canada