Elevation Rendering

Mark Canada on Hiring an Architect

Selection Phase

During the lot selection phase, an architect can help the owner visualize several possible design solutions to realize the full potential of a lot. Through his analysis, he can show the pluses and minuses of each lot regarding the social, natural, legal and built factors. He can warn you of the hidden cost of developing a particular lot. In some cases he may be an aid to negotiating a successful offer for a lot by raising the perceivable negative attributes of a lot. [+]

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On Selecting an Architect

"The most thoughtful architects are as careful in selecting their clients as owners are in selecting architects. They are as interested in a successful project as you are, and they know that good architecture results from fruitful collaboration between architects and clients.

Even the simplest of projects are very complex. Each situation is different, including people, needs, site, financing, and regulatory requirements."