Solar panels are used to heat the water for the home’s hot water needs. The east facing view glass is carefully designed to limit solar heat gain.

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Photo Houstoun Residence Swimming Pool at Night

Architectural Services

Hours Budgeted

Project architects prepare internal hourly budgets for their projected time per phase of work. The three phases of work are Design Phase, Construction Documents Phase and Construction Phase. Some architects do not include Construction Phase architectural services in their fee but are available to provide these services on an hourly basis.

If you accept an architect's fee proposal that is too low, you may be underinvesting in the architect's time spent in one or all of these three phases of work. This could easily result in compromising the quality of the design and construction of your custom residence, as well as increase construction costs.

Architect's proposals are basically recommendations to clients for the amount of effort and time they should purchase from the architect. It is not possible to overstress the importance of thorough comprehensive architectural services to the ultimate success of a project. [+]

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