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Firm Design Philosophy

Photo Veranda NightimeThe work of the firm has traditionally formed a basis upon an understanding of vernacular architecture in Central Texas: it does not, however, subscribe to any single or rigid stylistic tenets.

Understanding that most challenges carry with them an opportunity for
uniqueness of resolution -the firm's architecture is appropriately diverse.

Environmental consciousness is considered elemental, regarding ecological sensitivity and aesthetic awareness with equal concern.

The firm aspires to site sensitive solutions which maximize natural
attributes such as terrain quality and view lines, as well as, utilizing a sustainable building or "green"-approach to the built environment wherever applicable. In this manner we create uncommon value for our clients through the art of construction.

We believe that the role of the architect is invaluable when the goal of the project aspire towards quality -quality defined as the end product not only meeting the expectations of the client but exceeding them. Our experience demonstrates that the architect's services pay for themselves throughout all phases of the design and building process as well as carrying over with increased value and marketability throughout the life cycle of the product. [+]

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Vernacular Architecture

"German Vernacular Architecture. The sizable German ethnic presence in Texas, particularly in the south central parts of the state, in the Hill Country,qv and in Medina County, has made a pronounced architectural imprint, especially on vernacular dwellings and churches."


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