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Custom Residential Questionnaire

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Custom Residential Questionnaire
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Part One: Scope of Services
01. What is your construction budget, excluding architectural and consultant fees, interim financing and land costs?
02. What is your estimate of a minimum and maximum square footage of air-conditioned interior space?
03. Is your estimate realistic given your stated construction budget?
Yes No
04. What is your timetable? When do you plan to:
select an architect
commence design
start construction
move in?
Are any of these dates serious deadlines?
Yes No
05. Are you planning on retaining the services of a landscape architect, interior designer, lighting consultant, or audio/ video consultant on this project?
Yes No
06. Are you planning to let your construction documents out to bid competitively to a select group of general contractors?
Yes No
If not, will you negotiate a contract with a pre-selected general contractor?
Yes No
07. Will you require Bidding and Negotiation, Contract Administration and Job Observation Services from your architect?
Yes No
08. What criteria are most important to you in your selection of an architect?
09. Does your project require the design and construction of a septic system or water well?
Yes No
10. Are you, or any member of your family, chemically sensitive to any building materials or environmentally sensitive?
Yes No
11. If your project is an addition or remodel, do you possess as-built construction documents of the existing residence?
Yes No
12. Where do you currently reside? Do you currently own the property on which you plan on building?
Part Two: Programming
01. Please list the priorities in the design of your residence. Examples may be: security, privacy, create a formal, casual or rustic atmosphere, practicality, capturing dramatic views, energy efficiency, winning a design award, design for a disabled family member, utilize "green" building techniques, utilize Feng Shui Friendly Design concepts, adhering to a strict building budget, etc.
02. List your family members and pets. What are their ages?
03. How long do you anticipate living in this house?
04. Should your design allow for a future addition?
Yes No
05. Will your design include a pool, hot tub or spa, sport court, greenhouse, conservatory, guesthouse, detached office or studio, aviary, extensive landscaping or extensive interior decorating?
Yes No
If "yes," are these amenities included in your construction budget?
Yes No
06. Please prioritize the anticipated spaces in your residence into two categories;
07. What are the spatial relationships of the required spaces? What spaces need to be close to one another; which ones separated?
08. Will these spatial relationships change over time? Examples: children moving out, parents moving in, future additions, etc.
Yes No
09. What are the relationships of the optional spaces? What spaces need to be close to or separated from others?
10. Is there special furniture, built-in cabinetry, artwork, sculpture, handcrafted metalwork, stonework, glasswork, woodworking or other architectural features you definitely want incorporated into the overall design? Explain:
11. Is taking advantage of a view a major design criterion?
Yes No
If "yes," what is the orientation of the view?
Is privacy screening from a view or orientation a criterion?
Yes No
12. Are you familiar with passive solar energy design techniques?
Yes No
Are energy efficient building materials, energy efficient air conditioning and heating equipment, solar hot water heating systems, rainwater harvesting, sustainable building materials and green building techniques items in which you are willing to invest extra money?
Yes No
13. Are there any specific interior or exterior building materials that you would either like to incorporate or eliminate in the construction of your residence?
14. Do you have a preconceived image, style or flavor for this residence? If so, can you describe it?
15. If you do not necessarily have a preconceived image or style, is it important for the house to take on its character by responding to specific site conditions —sun angles, prevailing winds, views, trees, water and the site’s topography?
Yes No
16. What utilities are available to your site?
17. If available please provide me with a boundary survey —including easements and flood plain information, tree survey, topographic survey, soils report, foundation recommendation and deed and subdivision restrictions.